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Marketing for Nouns Vision – $300k+ Profit


Nouns Vision




5 Weeks

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Project overview

  • Nouns Vision is first of its kind project which allows users to buy their NFT and burn it to redeem a physical pair of glasses. Salvino, an extraordinary anon person behind Nouns Vision approached us to bring this project to life.
  • The challenge was to sell these glasses at 0.44 ETH each. We prepared a strategy to target only premium customers.


  • During our research, a book called “The Luxury Strategy” helped a lot to understand how brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc market their products.
  • We talked to potential users and asked them what they think about the utilities.
  • We went through several similar communities to understand what they looked like and carefully analysed their marketing.
  • Our goal was to build anticipation until the launch. As Nouns have a strong name within the NFT space. We had to leave no chance to disappoint them. We made a plan for 5 months. We also worked on preparing a strategy for producing high-quality content for our Twitter.
  • Asking the Nounders for shares on Twitter has been huge, but the biggest has been offering AL spots on Twitter for those who share their ENS address. That generated a wild amount of organic reach, engagement, and replies.
  • There were multiple iterations for making top-notch content as a part of our creative process. We needed to ensure all the stakeholders are impressed with our designs. As a matter of fact, we showed the video to 3-4 people before releasing it in public.
  • Our team is really quick in responding and thus completed the project within the planned timeline. There were only manufacturing issues that added extra delay.


  • In just 3-4 months we were able to attract 10k followers on Twitter.
  • Our designs and animation helped to gain 100,000+ reach and Nouns Vision made more than $300k+ profit.
  • Salvino received a Noun 311 from
  • We received a pair of glasses for free. 🙂

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